HVAC Maintenance

Do You Own Property in Sissonville or Ripley, WV?

AC unit maintenance is an important part of your property upkeep

An efficient, properly maintained HVAC unit will heat or cool your home without running up your utility bill. If you'd like an expert to check on your system, S&N Heating & Cooling provides residential and commercial AC unit maintenance services in Sissonville and Ripley, WV. We'll come out to your property to check on the state of your system and keep it running properly.

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What we'll cover during our visit

Regular HVAC maintenance helps you catch small problems before they get worse and ensure your unit runs efficiently. When we come out to your property for AC unit maintenance, we'll check things like:

  • Lights and indicators
  • Exhausts
  • Coils
Our AC and heating system maintenance services will cover every check on your system. Most full tuneups take about 45 minutes, so we'll have your system working at maximum capacity soon. We'll also let you know if we need to make any major repairs. Email us now if you'd like to schedule recurring heating system maintenance.

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